Workforce Management Software for the Auto Service Industry

Reduce customer wait times, take control of labor budgets, and increase your memberships with HotSchedules, the modern workforce management solution for car washes, quick lubes, and full-service detailers.

Optimize Throughput

Reduce customer wait times by creating schedules aligned with forecasted demand.

Reduce Labor Costs

Prevent OT and penalty pay by scheduling to meet demand every shift, every day.

Drive Repeat Customers

Build happy teams who have the tools they need and the benefits they want.

Learn how scheduling can drive growth and employee happiness.

Predict Future Demand with Intelligent Forecasting

Wouldn’t it be nice to look into your crystal ball and know exactly how many cars would come into your shop each day? With Fourth’s AI Forecasting you can.

Analyzing 7+ years of historical sales data, holidays, promotional events, and more, your managers will be able to predict customer demand down to 15-minute intervals, ensuring you always have the proper number of staff on-site.

Click the play button to take a quick product tour and see how AI Forecasting impacts scheduling.

Maximize Throughput with Smarter Scheduling

You can create schedules fast. But do those schedules align with forecasted demand?

HotSchedules automatically creates the number of shifts needed to match forecasted demand and auto-assigns them to employees based on availability, skill level, labor laws, and more.

With smarter scheduling, your locations can:

  • Boost throughput during busy hours
  • Reduce wait times
  • Maximize serviceable cars per hour
  • Slash labor costs from overstaffing during slow periods

Revving up Profits: Smarter Scheduling for the Auto Service Industry

Join our industry insiders for an active discussion on how smarter scheduling:

  • Helps you predict future demand with up to 98% accuracy
  • Maximizes throughput and decrease labor budgets
  • Decreases employee turnover

Offer Schedule Flexibility

Our #1 rated employee app is more than just a scheduling platform, it’s a communication channel allowing employees to message one another, request time off, and quickly swap, drop, or pick-up shifts.

“HotSchedules is honestly the best scheduling program I’ve ever used. There are SO many useful tools! I genuinely LOVE this program and would highly recommend it!”

— Heather W., Hourly Employee

Stay in the Drivers’ Seat with Task Lists

Never fail to deliver an exceptional guest experience with mobile-friendly task lists and store logs.

Better yet, you’ll gain real-time insight into what’s been done, who did it, and when it’s completed.

Attract & Retain Employees with Top-Tier Benefits

Did you know 79% of workers would switch employers for on-demand pay?

With the ability to withdraw up to 50% of their previously earned wages within hours of completing a shift, on-demand pay creates employee loyalty through financial wellness.

Don’t miss out on:

  • 10% uptick in shift pick-ups with visibility into earnings
  • 20-40% improvements in retention
  • Save on payroll processing fees
  • Empower employees with financial wellness
  • Best of all, it’s seamlessly integrated into HotSchedules at no cost to you.

Learn More about On-Demand Pay

Features You Need to Put Profitability on Autopilot

Service More Cars per Hour

Arm every location with an accurate forecast so you never suffer the consequences of under or overstaffed shifts.

  • AI-powered forecasting
  • Labor optimization tool
  • Auto-scheduling
  • Mobile task lists

Improve Profit Margins

Stop wasting labor dollars with automated forecasting, scheduling, compliance, and shift management.

  • Real-time labor alerts
  • Built-in labor compliance
  • Time theft control
  • Above store reporting

Foster Happy Employees

Happy teams, happy customers. Give your teams the flexibility they want, the tools they need, and the benefits they deserve.

  • #1 rated employee app
  • Shift swap flexibility
  • Communication tools
  • On-demand pay

The HotSchedules Difference

AI-powered demand forecasting

Auto-scheduling based on demand

Integrated on-demand pay

Multi-location setup

Configurable business drivers

Built-in labor, payroll, and FWW compliance

Ready to shift your scheduling into high gear?

Discover how companies like yours are using advanced scheduling solutions to reduce customer wait times, lower labor costs, and increase memberships.